West Plains Rain

from by Running After Rockets

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Grandson drives down thirty five
The grass is dry, no rain in sight
Son-in-law sits on the other side
Wondering if it really happened

They arrive, West Stonehaven Drive
The daughter and granddaughter
Are waiting on the drive
They embrace, the back door opens wide
Husband stand, looks out and he says

We need rain here in West Plains
But the tears could not hide behind his face
Ooh she loved him so, and he knows
But it couldn’t take away the pain

They go inside and wipe their eyes
They settle in, but it just does not feel right
Shut the blinds, just family tonight
Reunite, but there’s one missing

Her sweet smell still in the air
Angels on the wall, her soft green chair
And upstairs the grandson shaves his face
After all, it’s what she’d want

We need rain here in West Plains
Shaving cream and tears roll down his face
Ooh she loved him so, and he knows
But it couldn’t take away the pain

Grandson parks on thirty five
The brown land echoes his heart soul and mind
Family and friends are by their side
Son-in-law realizes it really happened

Under the tent, each takes their chair
The daughter and granddaughter recite the Lord’s Prayer
They say Amen, the casket’s opened wide
Husband stands and says goodbye

And the thunder it clapped, the lightning it struck,
and heaven’s floodgates opened wide

And it rained there in West Plains
With each drop I can hear you say
Ooh I love you so, and I know
That I’ll see you again

We need rain here in West Plains
Heaven’s tears are falling on your grave
Ooh we love you so, and we know
That we’ll see you again
Yeah we’ll see you again
And that’s the only thing that takes away the pain


from Those We Were, released May 19, 2012
Jon Andrew Castleberry - lead vocals, guitar
Andy Barksdale - lead guitar, vocals
Joseph Strickland - drums, vocals
Robert Paul III - bass, vocals

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Eric Gay




Running After Rockets Birmingham, Alabama

We're a trio out of Birmingham, AL.

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